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Current Teaching:
Instructions for Phósphoros by Matthijs Walhout

01-08-2018 – 01-11-2018




Ritual exists simultaneously as something inherent to daily life, as well as a deviated spiritual separation from it. ‘The Following doesn’t exist’ is a podcast platform that publishes three-part episodes of audio-based work created by artists exploring the performative nature of ritual as a medium with which to relate to contemporary life. 

There is no ritual without a teaching. The ‘teachings’ function as one of the mechanisms by which this platform learns from the artists within it. Rather than to follow the meaning of a single author, this long-term project commissions a new artist every three months to develop a teaching –a potential direction for the project. This wat the project learns and develops as it continues.
For the artists who write these teachings,
 writing, research and the development of thought as outcomes serve an important aspect in their practice. As part of its ethos, The Following doesn’t exist aims to create a place and an urgency for the immaterial and experiential aspects of artist practices.

Matthijs Walhout

Following their interest in queer practices, Christianities and language, Matthijs’ work uses and troubles their (shared) methods of making meaning. These include symbolism, theology, ritual, performance and the lived experience. Matthijs’ performances and text-work seek a way of un/making sense. Before training as an artist, they trained extensively in religious practices of worship, intercession and prophecy.




Naomi van Dijck

Indrė Šimkutė

Victorine van Alphen
André Chapatte
Seàn Hannan
Matthijs Walhout
more to follow….


– Thanks

Judit Bodor
Francis McKee
Monica Laiseca Nunez
Alexandra Ross
Stuart Jeffery

This platform was created with the support of Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow.


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